METAR for Garoua International Airport

FKKR 011000Z 03004KT 310V080 CAVOK 35/M03 Q1010 NOSIG
Report created 1. mar 11:00
wind 4 knots from NNE (030°) Wind direction varies from NW to E Clear sky Temperature 35° with dewpoint at -3° (Humidity 8.74%) Pressure 1010 hPa no significant weather change expected the next couple of hours

TAF for Garoua International Airport

TAF FKKR 010500Z 0106/0118 VRB06KT CAVOK
Report created 1. mar 06:00

between 1. mar 07:00 - 1. mar 19:00

wind 6 knots from various directions Clear sky
Garoua International Airport in Cameroon at 244m

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