Decoding for American and Canadian METARs and TAFs is not fully implemented.

Could not understand the following METAR

CYUX 170300Z AUTO 18004KT 9SM CLR 06/06 A2956 RMK SLP012

TAF for Hall Beach Airport

TAF CYUX 170038Z 1701/1713 12006KT P6SM FEW012 BECMG 1702/1704 18008KT FM170600 18010KT P6SM FEW012 SCT050 TEMPO 1706/1713 4SM -SHRA BR BKN012 PROB30 1706/1713 3/4SM BR BKN003 RMK NXT FCST BY 170700Z
Report created 17. jul 02:38

between 17. jul 03:00 - 17. jul 15:00

wind 6 knots from ESE (120°)