Decoding for American and Canadian METARs and TAFs is not fully implemented.

Could not understand the following METAR

CYLT 201337Z 29003KT 10SM BKN005 OVC010 M10/M11 A2995 RMK ST7SC1 FZFG OVR DIST WTR SLP148

TAF for Alert Airport

TAF CYLT 201130Z 2012/2024 29005KT P6SM SCT004 OVC010 TEMPO 2012/2020 1SM BR OVC004 PROB40 2012/2020 1/2SM FZFG FM202000 31005KT P6SM SCT004 OVC010 TEMPO 2020/2024 1SM -SN BR OVC004 RMK NXT FCST BY 201800Z
Report created 20. sep 13:30

between 20. sep 14:00 - 20. sep 02:00

wind 5 knots from WNW (290°)