Decoding for American and Canadian METARs and TAFs is not fully implemented.

Could not understand the following METAR

CYCY 020900Z AUTO 34013KT 9SM BKN018 BKN045 OVC065 05/04 A3009 RMK SLP192

TAF for Clyde River Airport

TAF AMD CYCY 020738Z 0207/0219 33012KT P6SM SCT008 OVC025 TEMPO 0207/0213 P6SM -SHRA OVC008 BECMG 0208/0210 33015KT FM021300 33015KT P6SM OVC015 TEMPO 0213/0219 SCT015 OVC030 RMK FCST BASED ON AUTO OBS. NXT FCST BY 021300Z
Report created 2. jul 09:38

between 2. jul 09:00 - 2. jul 21:00

wind 12 knots from NNW (330°)