Decoding for American and Canadian METARs and TAFs is not fully implemented.

Could not understand the following METAR

PAEI 171956Z 00000KT 10SM SCT001 M29/M33 A2989 RMK AO2A CIG BKN001 RWY14 SLP145 T12891329 $

TAF for Eielson Air Force Base

TAF AMD PAEI 171510Z 1715/1818 VRB03KT 9999 FEW020 QNH2987INS BECMG 1801/1802 VRB03KT 9999 FEW020 QNH2985INS BECMG 1809/1811 VRB03KT 9999 SCT020 QNH2983INS TXM23/1722Z TNM32/1813Z
Report created 17. jan 16:10

between 17. jan 16:00 - 18. jan 19:00

wind 3 knots from various directions visibility > 10km some clouds (~25% cover) at 2000 feet
Eielson Air Force Base in United States of America at 167m

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